Hoppin' Music is a DJ service business. We offer you equipment, and
professional disc jockeys for weddings, parties, corporate, and school events. If
you have any questions please call or e-mail Hoppin' Music.  
School Events
Event types

We offer a wide range of customizable set-ups for you. We understand your needs change
through time, and you need every event unique.

We are able to provide audio systems for your customer  parties, and employee training. We
provide the audio systems, and have an experience disc jockey on site who knows and
understands the audio system. This allows you to focus on the presentations instead of
problems with the audio equipment.  

Hoppin' Music works well with bar locations offering music to fit the feel and experience that
you desire, but will still take requests to offer your customers the best experience to ensure
that they keep coming back.

Hoppin' Music works with all types of schools and school events.

High School
Hoppin' Music provides a quality dance experience for all types of high school events
including: homecoming dances, valentines dances, and proms. We are able to work with all
schools to provide the dance you desire at a budget you can afford. We use certified clean
music to ensure that the music is suitable for the audience.

South Dakota State University (Colleges)
Hoppin' Music provides DJ services for dances throughout campus. We have worked with
many different  organizations on campus including fraternities, sororities, Relay for life, stuff
committee among others.

Depending on your organizations budget we often provide reduced cost events and work with
your organization to maximize your revenue for the event.
Phone: 605-691-9175