Hoppin' Music will help you with all of the music and audio planning of your wedding
reception. Hoppin' Music has packages for all budgets. Please call or e-mail for more
To help with your wedding planning, here are a number of recommended
books for your
special day.
Hoppin' Music offers you 3 different dj systems. They are: Wedding Premier, Classic Wedding,
and the Economy Wedding package.

Wedding Premier The wedding premier is designed for couples who want the perfect
balance of a wedding reception that is memorable and exciting. The wedding premier
system provides you with 6 hours of dance music, and up to 3 hours of dinner music. The
wedding premier system also allows you up to a 15 minute slide show which uses Hoppin’
Music’s audio system. The slide show can continue repeating throughout the evening, or
played once. Hoppin’ Music will create the slide show using your digital photos, and your
requested music for the background.

Throughout your evening Hoppin’ Music will professionally emcee your occasion. Included in
the package Hoppin’ Music will spend up to 2 hours working with you on planning your songs,
and can teach your fiancee and yourself how to properly slow dance. Hoppin’ Music goes
through the whole wedding reception with you; making sure you understand what is
happening, and when. While going through the dry run of your wedding reception, Hoppin’
Music answers all of your questions, and works with you to make sure your event is unique.

Classic Wedding  The classic wedding system is our most popular wedding system. It allows
you a full professional sound and lighting system with a DJ able to announce your wedding
party, specialty dances, and ensure your reception is memorable to all of your guests. Hoppin’
Music provides 5 hours of music with the Classic Wedding system. It is your choice for how
much of the 5 hours is dance music, and how much is background music. Hoppin’ Music
provides a  wireless microphone system for your Maid of Honor and Best Man’s speeches,
along with any thank you’s that your spouse or yourself would like to give throughout the
evening. Your Hoppin’ Music disc jockey comes professionally attired in a tuxedo as well.

Economy Wedding Hoppin’ Music Economy Wedding package provides the most basic full
DJ system available for wedding receptions. This system provides you with a small sound and
lighting package for you, and your guests. Hoppin’ Music provides 4 hours of music for your
wedding reception. Hoppin ‘Music suggests at least 3 hours of that time for a dance, but it
your decision. Hoppin’ Music comes equipped with a wired microphone for speech from your
Maid of Honor, and Best Man. Additional time is available for purchase upon request prior to
your wedding reception. Hoppin’ Music’s disc jockey comes professionally dressed in a polo
tee-shirt and dress pants. This system allows couples on a tight reception budget all the basic
amenities of a wedding reception, at a cost you can afford.  
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