About Hoppin' Music

Hoppin' Music DJ services is committed to your satisfaction. We are continually increase our
music library so everyone can have an enjoyable time at your event. You currently have
access to over 17,000 songs , and at many venues we offer access to over 4,000,000 songs.
At your events we will take requests from your guests. This allows your event to be unique and
About Us
Our Business
Hoppin' Music started in June 2004.  The concept
of the business is simple, high quality equipment,
and to continuously improve the quality of our

Since the beginning, Hoppin' Music has grown and
changed.  Hoppin' Music started out suppling music
for college events. As you can see from the event
types page, Hoppin' Music has grown to much more.
Hoppin' Music continues to grow, but we have never
left our Brookings, South Dakota roots. We continue
offering high quality service, and offer a excellent
experience for you, our customers.

With service to our business, the phone is always
available for you to call. We  attempt to answer calls
from 6:00 AM until 11:00PM. If we are unavailable
just leave a message. We will get right back to you,
often within just a few minutes, or hours.
Phone: 605-691-9175
e-mail: corp@hoppinmusic.com